Corgi Toys 1956-73
263 Marlin Rambler with shaped wheels

263 Marlin Rambler with shaped wheels

50 GBP

Early editions of this model had the normal type of wheel rather than the cast spoke-effect wheels. This is a super example with lovely clean paintwork, a bright interior, good chrome and clear windows.

It also has the tow hook in place and is all original. There is just one problem - the suspension at the rear has failed. I have temporarily fixed that with an elastic band which actually works really well and the car displays beautifully!

Someone may know how to make a less obvious repair without taking the car apart. It is far too good, and scarce, to do anything drastic.

For someone who just wants to display this fine example then it may be an ideal solution as it is, and at a reasonable price for a hard-to-find edition.