Corgi Toys 1956-73
263 Marlin Rambler with poor original box

263 Marlin Rambler with poor original box

50 GBP

There were a few models that came along which didn’t really appeal that much and seemed a bit heavy and clunky. The Marlin Rambler had yet another wonderful name but the doors were like the Mustang - a bit fat and seldom closing neatly. It was like the Chrysler Imperial in many ways but thankfully with a better shade of interior and the red and black paintwork is nice.

There is a blue and white version too but I believe that all of those were for the Gift Set with a trailer and kayak. That would also have a device on the roof which the red and black doesn’t. Now, are there blue and white models with clear roofs or red and black with racks? Something I need to investigate.

This particular model also comes with a box, albeit a pretty tatty one.

Otherwise this is in very good condition with almost no marks anywhere.