Corgi Toys 1956-73
263 Marlin Rambler in blue and white

263 Marlin Rambler in blue and white

35 GBP

There were a few models that came along which didn’t really appeal that much and seemed a bit heavy and clunky. The Marlin Rambler had yet another wonderful name but the doors were like the Mustang - a bit fat and seldom closing neatly. It was like the Chrysler Imperial in many ways but thankfully with a better shade of interior and the red and black paintwork is nice.

There is this blue and white version too and I believe that all of those were for the Gift Set with a trailer and kayak. These also have a device on the roof which the red and black doesn’t. Now, are there blue and white models with clear roofs or red and black with racks? Something I need to investigate.

This particular model has some paint loss and looks a little neglected from some angles. It is all there, though, with door inserts, interior items and the chrome has survived pretty well. 

The doors open and close and it has excellent suspension. This is not an easy version to find. [Reserved for a collector in Wales]

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