Corgi Toys 1956-73
262 Lincoln Continental limousine in blue and beige

262 Lincoln Continental limousine in blue and beige

109 GBP

An amazingly big car. I do seriously wonder about the scale with this thing. This is in the much more difficult to find blue with a light brown roof. Inside are blue seats and, surprisingly, a blue steering wheel too!

There is a nicely detailed chrome dashboard and soft blue carpeting throughout, including the boot.

The suspension is good and, unlike many of these, all the doors open and close neatly.

The wheels and tyres are all excellent and nice and clean, the chrome, which usually comes off, is excellent and all four jewels are in place but there is a single vertical crack in the front screen. Luckily this almost looks like it could be an internal cable or embedded aerial so it still looks great on display.

The TV slides and inner panel are missing but I have yet to find one with a light that is working anyway. The battery and bulb holder and switch device look in good condition but they haven’t been tested.

A remarkable model, in fine condition other than the screen, and very scarce.