Corgi Toys 1956-73
262 Lincoln Continental in blue and pale brown

262 Lincoln Continental in blue and pale brown

100 GBP
This is one huge car. I remain convinced that the scale is wrong as you can park this next to a Jaguar Mark X and the Jaguar looks tiny! It really is a vast car but a fascinating model, taking the catalogue spot next to the James Bond Aston Martin. This particular model is finished in solid pale blue with a brown roof, a much scarcer variation, most models being released in gold with a black roof.

This has the early normal, shaped wheels and still has excellent, firm suspension. The paintwork is almost faultless - just the small mark on the roof and the most minute chips on one rear wing edge that are almost invisible. The windows are excellent and unmarked, although the photos may show some residual cleaning fluid. they are actually fine. The interior is classy and very clean and tidy, with all the doors opening nicely and closing in line too. the boot and bonnet operate correctly too.

The battery pack is clean and tidy in the unmarked base. The bulb seems OK but I have not been able to make it light. It is a simple system but perhaps a simple clean of some terminals will help. The TV screen panels have been lost but they do appear for sale individually from time to time.

This is a super example of the scarcer colour model.