Corgi Toys 1956-73
260 Renault 16 with original box

260 Renault 16 with original box

140 GBP

The colour of paint used for this one is also fabulous, reminiscent of the model with the preceding number. A late era production and this model is also available with Whizzwheels but in blue. For a while I was convinced that this was available in two colours with normal wheels but now I’ve settled on there just being the deep red after all.

This is in excellent, almost mint condition. I haven’t noticed a mark anywhere and the strange mechanism for folding the front seats individually works fine. The boot opens and the luggage rack lifts but the rear seat appears to be fixed. Maybe they should have used the Hillman Imp device to fold that too as I remember Renault making a point in adverts about how its seats all went flat. What may appear to be a chip on the front wing is, in fact, a small piece of paper.

There is also an original box in the window style which has survived nearly 50 years really extremely well and is clean and fresh and only slightly wobbly in one place.

All in all a very good example of this, one of the last ‘proper’ Corgi models. There is also a Cycling Event version in black and white with a camera man and various extras.