Corgi Toys 1956-73
256 VW 1200 East Africa Safari

256 VW 1200 East Africa Safari

85 GBP

Very similar to the European Police car but in orange instead of green and it should have an East African Safari sticker on the bonnet and a rhinoceros in the box.

This one lacks the sticker but is none the worse for that. It is almost unmarked and is a close to mint condition as you’re likely to find outside a shop of unopened boxes. I have now added a good rhino that is probably a reproduction.

These models had the excellent steering mechanism so you could direct them using the device on the roof which, in this instance, is a spare wheel. Much easier to grip than the Police lamp and, whilst not really that realistic (I mean have you ever seen a spare wheel on the roof of a Beetle?) It is a huge advance on the silly plastic cylinder on the A60 and I shall not even mention what they did with the Beetle later in its life, thankfully well after my era of stock and interest!

Note that there are two variants: this comes in LHD and RHD but with the same model number. This one is RHD.

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