Corgi Toys 1956-73

255 Austin A60 Driving School LHD

55 GBP

There have been a few models that have been blank spaces on my lists for all the time since I started and this Export edition of #236 was one. These really are most expensive and I am not sure they should be as plenty were made and you would have thought that, by now, many would be making their way back across the channel now!

So this is the best I can afford at the moment. It is a bit scrappy to look at in the photos but not as bad in real life. The steering works and the rear suspension has survived better than most of the LHD models I have had. The front seems very solid but I shall not force it and, as it is, the car sits fine.

The front and rear screens have very small cracks that look as though they’ve come under pressure at some time and the front screen is a bit scuffed near the top.

The stickers are in place and look original.