Corgi Toys 1956-73
253 Mercedes-Benz 220SE with original box

253 Mercedes-Benz 220SE with original box

80 GBP
This is a nice model in this shade of blue. I often wonder why, though, it appeared in the first place. Corgi had an excellent #230 which had their super steering mechanism and that car was titled Mercedes 220 SE Coupe as well.This variant has an extra side pillar and a straighter edge boot but no steering. Very odd. You would think that they would have created a new, more interesting 220SE version or even looked at another Mercedes. The open top SL would have been popular.

I can only imagine that the steering was an expensive process in the factory so it was dropped. The screens are clear and paintwork clean, suspension and tyres good too. This came in two colours and the blue is the easier to find, the metallic cerise being a bit scarcer. The radiator emblem is in place too. That is often missing on these models.

The box is very good but has a surface tear at one end and some signs of wear over the years.