Corgi Toys 1956-73
252 Rover 2000 in maroon

252 Rover 2000 in maroon

40 GBP
This model was featured in a transporter Gift Set 41 or 48 but some may also have been issued in boxes. It is a lovely shade and has the nice cream interior as opposed to the red of the silver-blue or slate-blue model.

It is in good, all original condition but has a oatch of paint missing at the rear of the roof and also on the boot panel. The windows are very good with no cracks and the Trans-o-lite system works well with no crack where it joins the rear screen. The silver paint work is good and there are very few chips to the bumpers which are the usual places that suffer. The wheels are bright and suspension sound.

A nice-looking model to display either on its own, with a collection of Rovers or as the correct item for a Gift Set.