Corgi Toys 1956-73
252 Rover 2000 in maroon

252 Rover 2000 in maroon

70 GBP

A lovely condition Rover 2000 in the rare maroon colour.

It is very difficult to photograph these as they show the slightest mark and can look far worse on screen yet almost as new when they’re sitting in front of you!

I have just acquired two of these maroon editions and there is little to choose between them.

Both have excellent suspension and clear windows with the Trans-o-lite headlamps working fine. One has two chips on the bonnet front edge but the sides are clean whereas the other has a much cleaner bonnet but a few marks on the sides.

This model is very prone to damage and was almost only available in a Gift Set with a transporter so inclined to get more scratched going on and off that than the silver-blue one played with on its own. The maroon paint is also very vulnerable. These are about as good as you’ll find other than very expensive stock that has seldom seen the light of day.

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