Corgi Toys 1956-73
251 Hillman Imp with jewelled lights

251 Hillman Imp with jewelled lights

70 GBP

This is a very strange item. It would seem to be a bronze Imp with original paint with the white stripe unmarked and no sign of base removal. The odd thing is that it has the two jewels that would normally have been in a dark blue metallic Rally edition #328.

They seem to be factory fitted rather than a later Code 3 addition, although I suppose one can never be absolutely sure with the abilities of some people.

As this is, in fact, the second I’ve found I have to conclude that it is a genuine release, possibly late in the day for transporter sets when there were no rally edition bodies or bases but window units available and the lights were added to make it similar in apparent features.

This one is intact and actually not bad, paint-wise, but it has no suspension! Looks lovely, though. Far too good and rare to try and repair.