Corgi Toys 1956-73

251 Hillman Imp in bronze with original box

99 GBP

A nice little model which Corgi went on to use in four more ways with two rally versions and two police car versions.

There are the two main colours - a cheerfully bright metallic blue and this scarce bronze with white stripe which seems mostly to have come with a transporter set. I believe there is also a darker metallic blue shade which I will try and get hold of to compare but so far they all look pretty similar, however they’re described!

This one is a bit worn with some paint loss but it has the vital rear suspension, which usually ceases to function. The screens are good with the rear window opening nicely and the rear seat folds down.

These are hard to find and this is a good, very reasonably priced example to fill that space if you need to.

It also comes with a good original box. The box is excellent and firm with no damage from creasing or crushing and the only flaws would be the two selotape marks at each end where the flaps had, at one time, been sealed.
I also have a good blue Imp for sale and may provide this box with that model on request.