Corgi Toys 1956-73
251 Hillman Imp dark metallic blue

251 Hillman Imp dark metallic blue

70 GBP
Here is another lovely Hillman Imp in the scarcer dark metallic blue. It is not always easy to see the difference in images on a screen so I have included a comparison of two I currently have available.

The suspension on this one is sound. The collector who had this had converted it to a Monte Carlo addition by adding some rather poor copies of the various transfers and Racing Numbers in the wrong typeface. Luckily, he did not carry on further and add jewelled fog lamps so I have been able to remove the transfers and the car is now back to how it was in the first place.

Apart from a small mark here and there, this is in really bright condition, the paintwork shining nicely in this shade. It is hard to see any faults at all on display as I look at it now.

I have an excellent box too which is currently listed with a bright blue example but, whilst it remains available, I could supply it with this one instead. Contact me for a price.