Corgi Toys 1956-73
249 Morris Mini-Cooper Wickerwork Edition

249 Morris Mini-Cooper Wickerwork Edition

30 GBP
Although this model was around from 1965 to 1969 there were three distinct editions. This is the first type, using the first Type 1 body casting and with shaped wheels. Later models have cast wheels and/or a Type 2 body.

This example is an attractive model. It has been played with and there are signs of wear and a few chips but the paintwork is fresh still and the wheels and suspension excellent. The windows are great apart from a small crack in the front pane. Both headlamp jewels are in place and original and the silver paint is noticeably bright and little marked, especially the grille.

It should, of course, have yellow plastic panels to imitate wickerwork but I do actually prefer it as it is without them! If you particularly wanted to add them then they are easy to obtain and cheap and simple to affix, looking as good as the originals.