Corgi Toys 1956-73
249 Morris Mini Cooper in orange with lemon interior (rebuilt)

249 Morris Mini Cooper in orange with lemon interior (rebuilt)

35 GBP
I never like to see Corgi Toys discarded and as long as the body is all there I will rescue wrecks as best I can. Some come back to existence better than others. I had seen a customer's daughter's Mini Cooper in a photograph and it was orange and white so I decided to make one of my own one day as I had some orange paint left over from an earlier project.

What I had forgotten was how odd this particular brand of orange paint is, having a decidedly real orange finish and little by way of gloss! I though the orange peel finish was my fault but every time I tried it it comes out the same. It may still be my fault but never mind. I shall not buy this brand again. Anyway, with a coat of clear varnish it looks a little brighter and, from a distance it looks great.

I have made two of these, this one is from a 249 and another is from a 227 with cast wheels and that has a red interior.

One may go to the chap with the real orange and white Mini Cooper but in the meantime this is available if anyone would like it as something attractive and a little different for their collection.