Corgi Toys 1956-73
246 Chrysler Imperial with original box

246 Chrysler Imperial with original box

65 GBP
A nice example of the Chrysler in red with chalk blue interior. The model is virtually spotless - all I can detect are a tiny chip on the boot panel and minute marks on some leading edges. the front and rear chrome is excellent. the screen is clean and clear and the two side windows are in place. The passenger door trim is missing. I shall obtain a replacement for this in due course but, in the meantime, it is sold as it stands.

There are no characters with this one but the gold caddy and trolley are in the boot. I remember being rather disappointed with that 'surprise' when I bought this new. This edition is the more common type with cast wheels. there are scarce early editions with normal shaped wheels. The suspension seems to survive well on these and the dark grey base is in good condition.

This comes with a good box which is clean and mostly unmarked. It has lost one end flap, though and there is a sign of tape being applied at one end.

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