Corgi Toys 1956-73

246 Chrysler Imperial

50 GBP

Corgi decided to throw everything in with this model including the kitchen sink, well no, not quite but there is a gold trolley in the boot. You’ll recognise that from the Ford Cortina Golfing Set which came out later, presumably to use up all the trolleys left over from this ugly model not selling terribly well.

It can’t have helped plonking two large Americans in the front seats either. they're not included with this one but I do have the golf trolley and case.

Everything opens. The interior is a strange shade of pale blue. The paint is very good with just a few chips here and there.

You will find this with pale blue or pale green seats but always red unless you are extremely fortunate and find a kingfisher blue version released much later and intended as a replacement for the Bermuda taxi. A few did make the shops, though.