Corgi Toys 1956-73
241 Ghia L6.4 sage green

241 Ghia L6.4 sage green

60 GBP
Here we are at the peak of Corgi's time. Perhaps just past but still doing well. The Ghia was not a car you'd ever have seen on the streets and very few real ones ever left the factory but the model sold hundreds of thousands! It is the one that almost everyone had at one time or another.

It has opening everything - boot, bonnet, doors and the seats fold. There's a lovely little mirror on the dashboard and even a dog on the rear shelf. In good condition, these are splendid models but beware the plastic central unit on which the suspension depends. It breaks and as you had to press down quite a lot to get it to push up the bonnet it did get stressed. So many of these have lost most if not all the suspension and sit very, very low on the ground.

This one is a nice example in the scarcer sage and cream. It has really nice paintwork and hardly any marks on the chrome but the suspension has the usual problem at the front. I have repaired it by inserting some support material in the air filter device that is used to open the bonnet and it displays nicely.

There are several other shades - a silver blue, shades of dark turquoise blue, gold, lemon gold and copper. The lemon gold one has bright yellow seats and usually has cast wheels. The green usually has cream interior and the blues either red or cream with what seems to be random red or cream central units and door panels!