Corgi Toys 1956-73
241 Ghia L6.4 in silver

241 Ghia L6.4 in silver

30 GBP
I had always wondered what the Ghia would look like in silver. there were rumours that a real silver edition existed but i am pretty sure that is not the case. they did produce this in a massive range of colours, including a distinctly silver silver-blue but none were silver. So I made one myself and repaired the suspension at the same time.

You can find these Ghias at next to nothing as the suspension is so vulnerable and they sag and look much less attractive then. the rear window often cracks too. This one has good screens and all is very nice, especially the better cream interior (although I must change the door inserts one day!)

In fact, many models were made with cream interior and red door inserts but they really don't look right.