Corgi Toys 1956-73

241 Ghia L6.4 gold / cream with original box

80 GBP

Now this is quite a find! It is an older gold version -not the green-yellow gold of the other I have in stock but a gold much like the Aston Martin or Buick Riviera. It is very rare to find and this also in excellent condition and has a very good original box too.

I am delighted to have found this and it does seem to be quite rare. I have seen one or two others in terrible condition but not even one in immaculate condition at huge price that I usually see when looking!

It has a lovely cream interior except the door panels are red! That, I have since found, is often the case! It is not an error. The central section too, which pushes up the bonnet and provides spring for the boot as well as suspension is also red.

The suspension has gone, though, which is a shame so it is for sale - possibly quite a bargain.