Corgi Toys 1956-73
238 Jaguar Mk X pale blue

238 Jaguar Mk X pale blue

80 GBP

Looking for a pale green edition, I came across this lovely pale blue one. These were the initial colours that the Jaguar Mk 10 appeared in, the metallic cerise coming next and then the other metallic colours.

So this will date back to 1962. The Jaguar Mk 10 was the first to have the opening luggage case in the boot which would be brown. This one has a black case in the photos I have taken. That would have come from an MGB and I will try and replace it! There should also be a small case which I have and will add in.

These early models are difficult to find in good condition. They were popular but most got well played with! This one is excellent and I can only see the tiniest of marks on the paintwork around the headlamps. The screens are clear and the suspension, as on all these models, is nice and firm. All in all, a very nice example.

I do have an original, excellent condition box which I might be able to supply too. Ask for a price as it is currently being sold with another one.