Corgi Toys 1956-73
238 Jaguar Mk X in metallic turquoise-blue

238 Jaguar Mk X in metallic turquoise-blue

35 GBP
The big Jaguar was first issued in pale solid green or pale solid blue. Those were the only colours for some time and then the metallic cerise ones started to become available. They were the most common but Corgi went to town on colours with this model after that with a whole range coming along. There is silver, metallic mid blue and dark blue and a metallic bright emerald green too. These come with lemon or red interiors. Then there is a Kingfisher blue edition, much sought after and this is a turquoise blue-green edition that is also very scarce, especially with the lemon interior.

The paintwork is not at all bad but it does have signs of wear, mainly on the wings and roof. It also has no front suspension. The windows are very good with only a small scuff mark on the rear window but otherwise nice and clean. The wheels and tyres are all good too. The bonnet opens and the boot too although there are no cases with this one.

It still looks very impressive on display and is a colour that you will not easily find so this could be a useful and inexpensive space filler for the time being.