Corgi Toys 1956-73
238 Jaguar Mk X in metallic turquoise

238 Jaguar Mk X in metallic turquoise

110 GBP
The big Jaguar first appeared in 1962 and you only could choose between pastel pale blue or pale green, each with a red interior. Next came a metallic cerise colour which you can find in many shades and then a whole host of colours appear for reasons I have no idea about!

There is silver, metallic silver-blue, metallic deep blue, metallic emerald and shades thereof as well as this quite scarce metallic turquoise which, i think, is also called Kingfisher blue.

Very hard to find, these blues and greens also may have red or yellow interiors.

This has the red and is in really very nice condition with only one main flaw being a scratch on the bonnet. Otherwise this is lovely, with good strong suspension, original tyres, nice windows, no cracks or blemishes and all its jewels in place along the front.

The bonnet opens and also the boot, in which you'll have the original opening case plus a spare closed case which may be a reproduction.