Corgi Toys 1956-73
238 Jaguar Mk X in metallic green

238 Jaguar Mk X in metallic green

80 GBP

Here is the metallic green version of the Jaguar Mk 10, from later in its production and not very common.

There was a big range of colours for this model and some, like this, are not at all easy to find now and fetch very high prices.

As far as I can tell this always has a red interior.

This example has some chips to the paintwork, notably on the roof and a couple of wings. It’s really not at all bad, though, and the screens, jewels and wheels are great. The suspension on all these models is sound and the boot and bonnet open. The suitcase is currently missing - it would have come with a big opening light brown one and a small closed case.

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