Corgi Toys 1956-73
238 Jaguar Mk X in metallic cerise with cases

238 Jaguar Mk X in metallic cerise with cases

60 GBP
The Jaguar Mk X was a popular model and sold very well. It first appeared in pale green and pale blue but later gets a whole array of metallic colours, most quite inappropriate for the real thing but they did look fantastic on your layout. The first and most common colour was a metallic cerise colour. This can be found in many shades from very pale pink through to this delightfully rich shade.

In the boot should be two light brown cases, one that opens. This has both and they are originals too. The car is virtually flawless and looks great on display, with its silver engine and double jewelled lights. With sound suspension, screens that are crystal clear and good tyres this is a marvellous example.

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