Corgi Toys 1956-73
238 Jaguar Mark X in cerise

238 Jaguar Mark X in cerise

20 GBP
A nice example of this popular model, the big Jaguar with opening boot, bonnet and twin jewelled headlamps.

This has signs of wear but is generally good with a noticeably more pink shade of cerise than I have seen before. This is a later shade, following solid pale blue and green but preceding a wider range of silver and shades of green and blue in metallic colours.

The windows are nice and clear, although in the photos the fluid I sued to clean then is still wet and spoils their appearance. They are, in fcat, very good all round. The wheels and suspension are great and the jewels are in place and original. There are no cases in the boot.

For sale cheaply as this is surplus to requirements.