Corgi Toys 1956-73
236 Austin A60 Driving School with original box

236 Austin A60 Driving School with original box

80 GBP
A very nice Austin A60 in pale blue with original decals and a good original box.

The steering mechanism operates through a ridiculously large red affair on the roof which looks a bit strange but it is great fun and we all wanted one of these when they were issued. The mini-size wheels don't give this enough ground clearance though and when the suspension gets soft or disappears altogether as often happens with the brittle plastic providing it, the car tends to drag along. This one, however, still has some ground clearance and the suspension, such as it ever was, is sound.

It has really only very tiny marks to the paintwork and the box is complete, just a bit worn over the years.

This is the RHD version. There is a darker blue LHD version #255 which was produced for export.

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