Corgi Toys 1956-73
236 Austin A60 Driving School

236 Austin A60 Driving School

35 GBP
A nice example of the model that is great fun to play with. Whilst the red thing on the roof does look a bit strange it is not as bad as what is to come in the mid 1970s when Corgi put a ridiculous steering wheel on top of a VW. The steering mechanism is very clever and the wheels turn realistically.  I always feel that the car needs bigger wheels, though, as this size provides only the merest of ground clearance.

This one has good paintwork, wear on several leading edges but reasonably clean bonnet, roof and boot and good side panels in the main. The screens are clear and not cracked.

The suspension often fails on these, being provided by a plastic section which was probably not intended to last this length of time. This one is OK, the rear better than the front but it is not broken.

I will be adding the L plate stickers when I get them but, in the meantime, the model is for sale as it stands at a pretty reasonable price. I also have another in almost new condition with a box available.