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234 Ford Consul Classic with free spinning wheels

234 Ford Consul Classic with free spinning wheels

75 GBP
This may not look like anything special - just another fairly boring Classic - but look at the wheels. They are not the usual fixed shaped type but free spinning on their axles and very scarce on this model. None of QDT's images show one and you may only find one or two if you do a Google search.

This was a model that came out in 1961 when nearly all cars had fixed wheels but production spanned a period through to 1965 when the free spinning type would be the norm. It would appear that a few very cars produced very late got these. They are very hard to find and, whilst I have no idea of numbers, my guess is that they will be missing from most collections.

This example is in good condition with nice, solid paintwork. There are signs of wear along the top raised edges that become the fins at the rear but the bumpers, for example, are very clean and clear of the usual chips. The screens are clean and clear tow and the wheels shiny with excellent suspension. The bonnet opens as it should too.

There are slight spots where the paint has aged on the boot panel but these are not very noticeable.

All in all a nice example of a scarce edition.