Corgi Toys 1956-73
233 Heinkel Trojan Economy Car metallic deep blue

233 Heinkel Trojan Economy Car metallic deep blue

30 GBP

Pretty little three-wheeler in dark blue.

Importantly, because I have no idea how you could change it, the rear tyre is in sound condition! The body is good and the screens are nice and clean.

This model lasted longer than almost all the others and appeared with free spinning wheels and cast wheels and in many colours. The principal colours were red, orange, pale lilac and deep metallic blue. However there are many shades of red-orange and some pale lilacs are effectively white whilst others are clearly quite pink!

This has fixed smooth wheels and the paintwork is very good - just a couple of chips on the front door and a scrape on the sill. A nice example.

An original box may also be available - ask for a price.

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