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230 Mercedes-Benz 220SE in cream

230 Mercedes-Benz 220SE in cream

55 GBP
The Mercedes-Benz 220SE was first issued in 1962 and had the marvellous steering system used earlier on the Bentley Continental. With an opening boot with opening suitcase and a spare wheel this was a great model. It can be found in black, cherry red and this cream, the red and black editions having lemon interiors.

It was not produced for long, though. Perhaps the engineering for the steering was expensive or a complicated addition along the production line which may have slowed things down. After less than two years it was replaced by #253, the same car but with an extra pillar and a different design of boot. Maybe Mercedes had not been happy with the straight edge on the boot for this model and requested an update and Corgi took the opportunity to cut out the steering. the new model is found in metallic blue and metallic cerise. Both still occasionally get listed as 230s too!

This is a fine example and has just a few signs of wear mainly on the sides. The windows are good and the wheels and tyres original and the suspension and steering are excellent. Often missing on these models, the bonnet emblem is complete and in place.

One of two in stock - this is the better one.