Corgi Toys 1956-73
229 Chevrolet Corvair gold

229 Chevrolet Corvair gold

60 GBP

One of those cars that looks the same whether it is going backwards or forwards. Just to confuse us this also has an engine in the back but Corgi helpfully placed a Venetian blind in the rear window. At leat I hope it’s the rear window.

This is a gold edition from the Golden Guinea Gift set 20. I have always thought that should have been 21 but never mind. Old collectors will understand.

I am going to make a GS20 but am waiting for a box. It is an odd set indeed and Corgi even had to make new interiors for the Ford and Chevrolet, presumably because the lemon didn’t show up well? I have no idea why these three were chosen. The Bentley has a sort of ‘gold’ quality about it but, apart from each having something that opens, what they have in common to deserve this treatment escapes me. Perhaps they had vast overstocks of the Chevrolet and Ford which never struck me as remarkable models as they were.

This is a very fine example. There is a little pitting but it looks like it has hardly been played with and has good find suspension, clean wheels and nice screens. One of the scarcest production Corgis, only 23000 sold.

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