Corgi Toys 1956-73
229 Chevrolet Corvair deep blue with original box

229 Chevrolet Corvair deep blue with original box

95 GBP

One of those cars that looks the same whether it is going backwards or forwards. Just to confuse us this also has an engine in the back but Corgi helpfully placed a Venetian blind in the rear window.

There are several shades of blue, from very deep and bright to a sort of sky blue. None are really very attractive and it ranks as one of the most boring models in my book.

There’s a Hillman Imp look about the front, strangely enough! It also has tiny wheels which don’t seem quite right what you’d think would have been a much more sizeable American car.

This one is a lovely bright deep blue and is in amazingly good condition. The screens are clear and the wheels sparkle. There is also a nice original box which is complete but with some tape repair in places.

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