Corgi Toys 1956-73
226 Morris Mini Minor lilac blue, cast wheels

226 Morris Mini Minor lilac blue, cast wheels

135 GBP
Following the Austin Seven comes the Morris version of what was to become better known as simply the 'Mini'. This is a late Morris, having free spinning cast wheels, in pale blue with red interior. The first will have had fixed wheels and then free spinning normal ones, the cast usually being found on the maroon cars.

So these are a little scarcer than the earlier type and the maroon edition. This one is in very good condition indeed with nice screens and clean paintwork and base. the silver work is unmarked and just a few small chips above the boot are the only flaws I can see.

This is also a type 1 body and would have been replaced shortly after cast wheels were introduced by a type 2 body. So this would only have been available from 1966 to 1967.

A lovely example, now also with a good original box. The box is complete and firm, fresh colours too. There is a small tear at one end and some wear on corners and edges.