Corgi Toys 1956-73
226 Morris Mini-Minor (Type 1a)

226 Morris Mini-Minor (Type 1a)

30 GBP
One of the earliest 226 Minis, here in pale blue with a red interior. It has the first base plate type 1a (the lower front bumper extends nearly the full width) and smooth, fixed wheels.

A nice example, clearly played with but not damaged other than on the paintwork at various corners. The screens are very nice and clean and the suspension is great.

It's a classic Corgi and a lovely example of a typical model from the good days at a very modest price.  An original box may also be available with this model but you would need to check and, of course, make an additional payment. It is being offered with all the 226 models so may be sold with one of the others.

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