Corgi Toys 1956-73
225 Austin Seven red

225 Austin Seven red

70 GBP

The Austin Seven ‘Mini’ did not appear until January 1961 - a year after the Morris. It comes in just two colours: the most common by far being red and a scarce primrose yellow. The red always has lemon interior. Early models had fixed wheels and holes in the base but later ones were free-spinning. I don’t think any Austin Sevens got cast wheels.

This is a near immaculate red mini with an excellent box too. It is the harder to find version with free spinning wheels. Most Austin Sevens seemed to have fixed wheels.

It is a bright, very red red colour with lemon interior. There are only the most minute of chips on one door that are not at all obvious and the rest of the paintwork is superb. Even the bumpers are clean and the silver paint bright and fresh. It looks fantastic, a real Corgi icon, a popular item that is always much in demand.

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