Corgi Toys 1956-73
224 Bentley Continental Sports Saloon green/cream

224 Bentley Continental Sports Saloon green/cream

25 GBP

This is the model that really set the standards in 1961, with so many new features that had not been seen before. This was the first with jewelled headlamps, jewelled rear lights too, the first with chrome-plated fittings, the first with the superbly engineered steering system and even the first with a spare wheel!

There are essentially two colours available: a black and grey and this very pale green and olive green. There are scarcer apple green and white versions of the pale colour to look out for. A gold edition was made for Gift Set 20.

This example has some chips and the emblem is damaged but the car is complete with all the jewelled lights and a spare. The screens are clean and not cracked and the model is entirely original.

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