Corgi Toys 1956-73
222 Renault Floride in red with yellow interior

222 Renault Floride in red with yellow interior

50 GBP
This is the first Corgi with suspension, appearing in 1959 and lasting until 1965. An attractive and simple model that has several variations. There is a metallic olive green, metallic blue and this red maroon shade. There are red and lemon interiors and also a cream interior for the red editions, although I believe the green only had red interior. The wheels can be any of the three main types, the most common being the first type of smooth fixed wheel. Then the scarcer shaped fixed wheels and, fitted to the very late production models, free spinning wheels. I have only seen free spinning wheels on the blue cars but they may exist on others but seem very rare.

Lastly there are tow types of body: one has see-through vents just in front of the rear wheels, others have this feature filled in. I am pretty sure the later variety has the filled-in vent. I bought this one believing it to be a 'filled-in' type but when it arrived it wasn't! It can be difficult to tell from photos so I am still looking for one of those. This one is red-maroon with a yellow interior and flat, fixed wheels, in very nice condition, barely any marks to the paintwork and with excellent wondows, wheels and suspension. The base id fresh and clean too. A very nice example.

I do have a box for this model which is currently offered with another but I can switch them around if you wish at an extra cost, of course. Get in touch if you wish to consider this.