Corgi Toys 1956-73
222 Renault Floride dark red

222 Renault Floride dark red

50 GBP

There are red models and maroon models. I'm not sure which this is - it seems closer to the red shown in others for sale and I think the 'maroon' is a metallic burgundy that came later so sorry if that confuses anyone! Let's call this dark red.

This is in lovely condition with no chips on the paintwork at all and is beautifully clean all round. It did come with a box but I have used that for another #222. If that hasn't been sold and you want it send me a message and I'll sell that separately. There is just one fault with this one - a vertical scratch down the rear screen. The funny thing is that is is actually dead centre and totally vertical so it looks normal!

It is the version with 'see through' vents in front of the rear wheels. (Some are filled in.)

The wheels, tyres and suspension are immaculate. I would imagine that the tyres will be replacements but this appears to have been so well looked-after that they may be originals. I honestly can't tell. It's a really nice little model.