Corgi Toys 1956-73
220 Chevrolet Impala in salmon

220 Chevrolet Impala in salmon

70 GBP
This must have looked amazing in reality and made quite an impressive model. This is the debut of a shape that will be around for many years as one vehicle or another.
There were two colours available - a mid, pretty tedious blue and this remarkable salmon pink. The blue is a bit more common to find, being more of a boy’s colour even in the early 1960s!

All the pink ones have lemon interior, the blue can be lemon or red and they all should have good spring suspension and a painted silver band down each side. Although paintwork can suffer and the roof can get tilted on thin supports, I have never found one with poor suspension.

This is a true classic Corgi and this salmon example is in excellent condition. With a nice unmarked original box. There is some fading on one side of the car but there is no paint loss and the windows, tyres and base are super. It is also one of the scarcer varieties with free spinning wheels, fitted later in the life of this model.