Corgi Toys 1956-73
218 Aston Martin DB4 yellow with free spinning wheels

218 Aston Martin DB4 yellow with free spinning wheels

95 GBP
This is the classic Corgi model in a creamy shade of yellow with a red interior and this one has free spinning wheels. I did not even know until this arrived that they existed!  There are several types around, from smooth fixed hubs, reversed but still fixed hubs to cast spoke effect wheels but all these are fixed so this example is one of those very late off the production line.

It is much better with these wheels, being able to be driven around bends without so much resistance and they just look good too. The paintwork is pretty good. there are a few chips and flaws in the casting but nothing too bad.

This variant also has the filled in air vent and later style of bonnet hinge. the screens are all crystal clear and the suspension and tyres fine. It is the edition without a number on the base.

One day I will list all these variations! They' need a catalogue of their own although I suspect that in most instances one goes with another.