Corgi Toys 1956-73
217 Fiat 1800 with original box

217 Fiat 1800 with original box

55 GBP

A very nice example of an early model. This is one of the first with suspension and interior. It has good, clean windows and a rare original box in extremely good condition.

This has just one or two bits of paint missing on a wing and roof edge but this is very slight and the pale blue paintwork is otherwise very clean and nice. The wheels are the flat fixed hub variety to which original accessory whitewall stickers have been applied and these suit the car well.

It has the very golden, syrupy shade of yellow interior. I often think it was strange to have two shades of yellow - the one with the blue roof having a more familiar lemon shade.

This is a very nice example.

The box is also offered with the two-tone blue one so this listing may be subject to change. You can also buy this without a box or with a very good reproduction one. Contact me for more details.