Corgi Toys 1956-73
216 Austin A40 in red and black

216 Austin A40 in red and black

200 GBP
This is a very scarce item. The 216 was usually issued in two-tone blue and it was the 216M edition, with a friction motor, that would be red with a black roof. A few models were produced, however in red and black but with the normal base like this one.

I have two in stock at the moment and this is very much the better of the two. There is a scrcth or crack in a side window but otherwise this is super. Just normal play wear but no bad scratches or chips and bright wheels, decent tyres and a nice clean base.

These models are a particular favourite of mine so I am not keen to part with them both but I'll let one go for the right price. Now, will I find a 216M in blue? That is the question!