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215S Ford Thunderbird Open Sports with original box

215S Ford Thunderbird Open Sports with original box

70 GBP

I never had any of the Thunderbirds when I was little. They never really appealed to me much. The old model colours were a bit odd to say the least (pink and black, pea green and cream) and I don’t recall seeing any of the S models which had suspension. Whereas before it sat quite low, now it seems to be too high off the ground!

The driver looks way too tall as well but I suppose he could be removed.

It is a cool car, though, and this is a red example with tan and silver interior. Totally original and with very good paintwork. The suspension is great - good old-fashioned wires. The silver paintwork is intact with just a small nick or two on the front but these are not exactly noticeable.

This is a good example of the Thunderbird Open Top model and comes with an original box which is all there and in good condition. It has some wear and a little squashing at one side but really is good for 50 years of being around.

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