Corgi Toys 1956-73
215 Ford Thunderbird Open Sports with original box

215 Ford Thunderbird Open Sports with original box

70 GBP

The original Ford Thunderbird - in open form and lower slung than its later suspension version, looking better too.

In white it is a bit anaemic and the blue and silver interior doesn’t help but at least there isn’t an over-tall driver’s head peeking above the windscreen!

This example is in very good condition indeed, the only downside being paint loss along one raised wing edge. Otherwise it is remarkably good and I suppose, if you wanted, to, that edge could be very easily touched up and the car would look immaculate.

The wheels are, of course, fixed on this early model and have the Corgi whitewall stickers affixed. The glue on these is tenacious stuff so I have left them in place. They are actually in super condition too and suit the car. Often they don’t and you have a long job getting rid of them but that isn’t necessary here.

These were popular models so are still quite common although not in this sort of condition. There is also an original box that is the second type. It is a bit grubby but complete and in firm, straight and uncrushed condition.

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