Corgi Toys 1956-73
214M Ford Thunderbird

214M Ford Thunderbird

95 GBP
I have another of these very scarce 1956 models now. If anything, this one seems slightly better than the other although overall there is little difference between them. This did not sell well and was the penultimate Mechanical model issued and withdrawn shortly afterwards so it was only likely to have been in your loacl toy shop for a few months.

Always in pink with a black hard top, it does make a stunning display item and looks great with the other Thunderbirds on show.

This example has very good paintwork with some scratches, the most obvious being on the lower part of the door where there is a vulnerable raised piece in the design. The roof, though, is excellent. The screens are clear and not damaged. Often oil in the motor throws up some dirt on the inside of the windows that can be difficult to remove. The wheels are nice and shiny and the tyres may be original too. The motor works fine. Many have given up after 60+ years but this one is still good and I suspect it hasn't been played with that much.

These will always be desirable and should be a good investment.