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213S Jaguar 2.4 Fire Chief's Car

213S Jaguar 2.4 Fire Chief's Car

45 GBP
This is quite a scarce model, being the revision of 213 in 1961 and withdrawn in the following year. It can be found with both smooth and shaped fixed wheels - this one has the later style.

It is in good condition and, importantly, has its original aerial still in place and the complete set of siren, bell and sign on the roof. You'll recognise them from the Riley Police Car of course. The paintwork has some wear with chips here and there but it still looks very smart, the colour not showing the wear as much as some. The transfer is damaged on the driver's door and missing from the passenger door and the Fire signs are also missing.

The suspension is excellent and the wheels shiny with good tyres too. This is an all-original model. There is a crack in the nearside rear pane, although this does not show from most angles as you'll see in the photographs.

I may add the roof signs and transfers if I can find good ones. Those that I have seen so far have either a cream or red background to the door transfers which might look a bit odd. So, for the time being, this is sold as it stands - at a reasonable price for this one.