Corgi Toys 1956-73
211M Studebaker Golden Hawk

211M Studebaker Golden Hawk

65 GBP

This is an example of a rare version from the very early Corgi catalogue. The Studebaker Golden Hawk with a Mechanical motor came out in February 1958 but these ceased to be made in 1959 so it is one of the short-lived models and didn’t sell that well either in this form.

The white model with a gold flash is always the M version, the freewheeling one being blue. This white colour does show every chip, though, which spoils its appearance but it is original and, remarkably, has one of the smoothest functioning motors of all that I have at the time of writing.

Good conditions examples are expensive, if you can find any. This one has blue tinted windows and they’re really clean too. That is unusual as the oil from the mechanism often tended to spray around inside and it would be virtually impossible to clean. It is, indeed, original, though from what I can tell so that’s quite impressive and encourages me to ask a little more despite the paintwork.

You try finding another!