Corgi Toys 1956-73
211 Studebaker Golden Hawk

211 Studebaker Golden Hawk

45 GBP

Corgi looked across The Pond and decided that the range needed something more appealing than a Morris Cowley. So number 211 went to the Studebaker Golden Hawk which has to be good on the basis of its name alone!

The early model without interior or suspension is only available in mid-blue with a gold flash on the rear fins. You may see a white one - that’ll be the M version. The gold, either paint or plated, are 211S and have seats and suspension.

This is a hard car to find in good condition now, although plenty were originally sold. In fact this was the penultimate one in my list of normal issues to find.

So many have been badly playworn or scratched. This is very good. There is very little wear to the paintwork and the silverwork is excellent. Nice clear windows, shiny wheels and clean base.

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